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¡Back Home Again - Estoy En Casa!
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Some VERY small pictures as a starter ....
These pages show more from The Global Development village as I worked there ... and a lot of Swedes !
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(Solamente Picturas) - (Only Pictures)
Los Primeros dias - First days
Los Segundos Dias - Following days

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Have uploaded all the pictures and filled it up with text, the goal is to have everything OK ...
The pages evolved with text by the pictures to explain my feelings and maybe something about what happened when I took it.
Please remember - All You See or Read MIGHT NOT BE TRUE ....
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Yours in Scouting - Mats


Mexico city, Mexico during two weeks .... mmm (map)
Lonely Planet Destination Mexico: reliable travel info with a twist of lemon.
The Maya/Aztec/Inca Center is a fascinating repository of research into Mexico's ancient civilizations.
1000 Travel Tips gives you down to earth practical advice and honest assessments on Mexico's major tourist attractions.

Yucatan end of July ... wille spend most time in Playa Del Carmen close to Cozumel
Will have about 5 days with a lot of scuba diving.

After that we went to USA and a lot of family reunions
possibly a trip around Disney world, Universal Studios .... and?
Places to visit in the USA: Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Eugene, Kansas City
then head for home passing Atlanta maybe?

Foto från resan blir i digital och diaform, en å annan papperskopia slinker nog också med
Pix will be mostly digital and slides.

J@son Will Return?
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